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Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello peoples! I have been very bad at posting anything on here for the last several months. My bad! Anyway, I thought I would give a recap on some of my older (and more recent) posts.

A while back I wrote a little "essay" titled  "A Wake-up Call." I wrote it because I saw within my own life a lack of Christ-likeness in my relationship with my sister and for the purpose of encouraging older siblings to love and to be an example for their younger siblings. You can read this post here:

"The Teenage Trap" was what started this whole blogging thing. In it I wanted to communicate the importance of kids and teens respecting their parents. I believe my generation has demonstrated our absence of "the fear of the Lord" by neglecting His commandment to honor our fathers and mothers. You can read "The Teenage Trap" here: Also check out "The Parent Project" where you can find multiple responses from teenagers to their parents (Some of these responses were from people I didn't even know).

In one of my more recent posts, "What Is My Ministry," I shared my struggles about finding God's plan for my life and how His plans are not always our plans. But rest assured, His plans are ALWAYS best.

Here are a few more:

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